screen_printing_thumbThe times are changing and so have we. Screen printing requires a minimum order of shirts that most people do not want to order. We have opted to get rid of our screen printing option because of this. We have another way to print onto garments that many people still do not know about yet.

It is called Digital Garment Printing.

Digital Garment Printing, or as some refer to it, Direct-To-Garment Printing. It only requires that the shirt color be lighter than the ink that is being used on it. With this process we can now print as little as one shirt or as many as you could possibly need.

Go to the “OUR SERVICES” tab at the top of this screen and click on “DIGITAL GARMENT PRINTING” or go to the “OUR WORK” tab at the top of this page and check out some samples of some of our work we’ve done.

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